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11:47pm 02/12/2006

~~~~~~~GoLlUm'Z wIf3y*** <3

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09:39pm 01/05/2005
mood: crazy

Hello, hello, hello my little fairies and wenchlets!

Well... as some of you may know, I'm the new headmistress of this, uh, very amusing community. Forsooth, it is my pleasure to be so...

Sorry, have not updated on here because I was insanely busy and just not in the mood. Well... now that you have a new Queen who Reigneth with her Iron Fist, I devise from my wonderfully skillful and resourceful mind the certain activity, my little ones.

Find me funny pictures of Gollum! Could be random findings from the wonderous Google, could be drawings, could be... pictures of your friends who look like Gollum... well, let me commence.

Some little kid dressed up as Gollum

I don't know this wench... honestly, I don't...

Right, your turn, wenchies and laddies.

Fly, my little fairies, fly!

[Sorry, she's been feeling particularly insane today...]


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Seeking: New Maintainer for the community 
11:26pm 06/04/2005
  Okay, who wants maintainership of this community? I'm out.  

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09:58pm 06/04/2005

People, join my Vampire forum!!

.::Damned In Blood::.

Join, or be bitten!


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05:56pm 17/02/2005
  i'll do you.  

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My Community 
08:16pm 16/01/2005
mood: tired

Hello All!

Interested in art or graphics? Then join my background/smiley/mood theme making community - Sombre In The Back!

So uh... join!



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Without getting supremely dramatic. . . 
01:48pm 11/01/2005
  I created this community awhile ago. . . and I suppose that, having left it for as long as it has been left, it has fallen into what can be misconstrued as a fan-club for the Gollum/Smeagol character.

A question: is the community info misleading?
Another question: am I just missing the intended sarcasm in the last few posts?

I created this community because I think obsessing over characters is silly and distracting from living. I think it is something pushed upon us so that we settle into where we are and do not fight because we are too busy day-dreaming about somewhere else. I made this community as a satire of the "do_me_whoever" communities, not as an expression of my hard-on for Gollum (which, if I may state, I don't have). Perhaps this was understated in the community info?

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02:26pm 11/01/2005
mood: busy
Just a quick promo for my new gollumarama community! Apologies if this is breaking any rules, - I did look in the community info but I couldn’t find anything against promos!


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09:49pm 07/01/2005
mood: calm

Hello y'all!

Yes, I've just joined this community, I hope no one minds. I'm the Dinster, and am one of Gollum's biggest fans... I used to have a Gollum fanclub and a forum but sadly it fell apart due to lack of popularity.

Don't you just think Gollum is such a hunk?

Loffles all


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Check this out, fellow Gollumites! 
10:20pm 29/12/2004
mood: chipper

Oh my God. I love that picture. I don't remember who drew that. I think it was some guy named Swancho but look at how graphic and beautiful this picture is. C'mon. You know you want him here. ;)

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I can't believe it! 
10:02pm 29/12/2004
mood: <3
I finally found a place where others enjoy Gollum in a more than "likeable" way, if you catch what I'm saying. ;) This is awesome. Ever since I read the Tolkien books when I was like, seven, I had this soft crush for that loveable creature! And jeesh, he's the best character in the series. <3<3<3

I love Gollum! I love Gollum! Golly, Golly, Golly.


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Gollum breaks into gansta rap.. 
03:00am 04/12/2003
  The towers is the players, yo
The towers is the players..

"the precious is my bling bling.."
Urukhai out...

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Lost community 
01:53pm 17/11/2003
  Oh my poor community... I abandoned you as a mere sprout. I -am- sorry.

I'm back, though.

I'm interested to know a few things:
1.) Is anyone reading this?
2.) Are you interested in keeping this thing active?

Leave a comment. I'll cook up some new posts within the week.

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12:04am 05/07/2003
mood: awake
It's the 4th (as the date claims)... and I skipped out on the barbecues, fireworks, and general "all-American" celebration. I don't know if I fully did this by choice, or if that matters... what I was thinking about was the "post-war". Is anyone else wondering where the hell the coverage went? The national news covers things as usual... with the after-report about how Americans are obese. Um, people are still dying there. Where's the interest, concern, and tragedy that was there at the beginning?
And have you seen any of the buzz-word reasons for the war? Where is Saddam? Where are his weapons?
Lastly, does anyone else find it interesting that there are a lot of disgruntled armed forces personnel due to the fact that they only signed up so that they could have school paid for? I'm not sure what that says... I think it is too loud for me to hear.

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I need to know this, for my peace of mind ... 
01:05am 19/06/2003
mood: curious
What interests do you have that you don't share with ANYONE else on LJ?

Mine being:
angel tattoos
blood will cleanse them
gratuitous hugs
hunting goths
kitty hat
neko no boshi
scary monster teeth
slash socks
snuff photography
world war one poets

I've seen some people who have almost all of their interests unique to them, and some who have something in common with everyone. How do you balance out?

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American Junior: discuss 
09:15pm 03/06/2003
  This show should not exist.

First of all, it's the kids. Not all of them want to do this; they're mostly being exploited. They've also been fed the idea that they have to be famous in some way, if they are going to mean anything to the world. I suspect that of those who get record deals out of this (and I'm sure there will be plenty), their education will be pretty neglected once their career takes of.

Then there's the parents. Oh god, the parents. The ones who live vacariously through their children. The ones who push their children too hard. The ones who will have their own lives ruined if their child doesn't make it. For crying out loud, these people started lining up, in their cars/SUV's, at four in the fucking morning. They filled all 500 audition spots that day. Some of the parents were like, "You're kidding me! I've been waiting here eight hours!" Another parent, seeing that their van was being videotaped, said to her child, "Look, here's your chance! Here's your chance! Oh, you missed it!"

Parents are fucking nuts, and children have better things to do. Other thoughts on the matter?

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02:20am 06/06/2003
  Nipples are revolting and should be illegal.


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I am a poster girl with no poster 
11:01pm 12/05/2003
  ...and yes that was a quote.
I am sorry that this has been so quiet, but ::cough:: um... I'm not alone in here.
Okay, now that school is over for most of us, maybe we can kick up the activity in here? eh?
So I tossed this idea at someone, and was heartily rejected... I'll test it here.
I think that, the reason that we (as a culture/society) are constantly stuck with the same bullshit over and over, is that we are calculated-ly scattered in our dissent. Yes, you've heard something like this from me before. I want you to look at it, though. Really look at it. What we're fighting is more than JUST racism, sexism, sexuality-discrimination and so on... what we're fighting is apathy and ignorance, and we're not really moving ahead too much. Why is that? Because everyone has his/her own agenda... and we're screaming on street corners to people with their windows up, music blaring, and minds turned off. And each corner holds a different kid... and sometimes, I think you have to have sunk a little lower to fully understand what you're fighting for. Or maybe I'm just being a bitch because I have not gotten what I want at all... maybe I'm sick of all the rich kids fighting "consumerism", a practice they and their parents fully participate in. It takes a lot of time and effort and patience and failure to be an educated and aware person, and it seems like most people are not willing to look at themselves and admit when they are wrong... this includes me.

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12:08am 10/04/2003
  Kiddos... everyone? Are we alive? ::poke::

I really have no topic outside of the fact that I have no health insurance right now... so, thoughts on this? No? Then post on something ; ) There are ideas in a post further down the page...

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For Derdriu 
01:22am 01/04/2003
mood: Happy Birthday!

Hey Lauren!

der ner ner ner ne ner...

Yesterday was your Birthday.....

der ner ner ner ne ner....

it's not my birthday too nooo.....

der ner ner ner ne ner.....

Happy Birthday! I'm sorry it's a little late, but my compy crashed.

Anyway, I hope you had a great day, and I hope everything went your way. Good luck with your week, I wish you tons of fun!

~}~ @~}~ @~}~ @~}~@~}~ @~}~@~}~ @~}~@~}~ @~}~@~}~ @~}~



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