Princess Timothy, Emperor of Ice Cream (timthepenguin) wrote in do_me_gollum,
Princess Timothy, Emperor of Ice Cream

American Junior: discuss

This show should not exist.

First of all, it's the kids. Not all of them want to do this; they're mostly being exploited. They've also been fed the idea that they have to be famous in some way, if they are going to mean anything to the world. I suspect that of those who get record deals out of this (and I'm sure there will be plenty), their education will be pretty neglected once their career takes of.

Then there's the parents. Oh god, the parents. The ones who live vacariously through their children. The ones who push their children too hard. The ones who will have their own lives ruined if their child doesn't make it. For crying out loud, these people started lining up, in their cars/SUV's, at four in the fucking morning. They filled all 500 audition spots that day. Some of the parents were like, "You're kidding me! I've been waiting here eight hours!" Another parent, seeing that their van was being videotaped, said to her child, "Look, here's your chance! Here's your chance! Oh, you missed it!"

Parents are fucking nuts, and children have better things to do. Other thoughts on the matter?
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