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It's the 4th (as the date claims)... and I skipped out on the barbecues, fireworks, and general "all-American" celebration. I don't know if I fully did this by choice, or if that matters... what I was thinking about was the "post-war". Is anyone else wondering where the hell the coverage went? The national news covers things as usual... with the after-report about how Americans are obese. Um, people are still dying there. Where's the interest, concern, and tragedy that was there at the beginning?
And have you seen any of the buzz-word reasons for the war? Where is Saddam? Where are his weapons?
Lastly, does anyone else find it interesting that there are a lot of disgruntled armed forces personnel due to the fact that they only signed up so that they could have school paid for? I'm not sure what that says... I think it is too loud for me to hear.
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