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unrequited dissonance

I am a poster girl with no poster

...and yes that was a quote.
I am sorry that this has been so quiet, but ::cough:: um... I'm not alone in here.
Okay, now that school is over for most of us, maybe we can kick up the activity in here? eh?
So I tossed this idea at someone, and was heartily rejected... I'll test it here.
I think that, the reason that we (as a culture/society) are constantly stuck with the same bullshit over and over, is that we are calculated-ly scattered in our dissent. Yes, you've heard something like this from me before. I want you to look at it, though. Really look at it. What we're fighting is more than JUST racism, sexism, sexuality-discrimination and so on... what we're fighting is apathy and ignorance, and we're not really moving ahead too much. Why is that? Because everyone has his/her own agenda... and we're screaming on street corners to people with their windows up, music blaring, and minds turned off. And each corner holds a different kid... and sometimes, I think you have to have sunk a little lower to fully understand what you're fighting for. Or maybe I'm just being a bitch because I have not gotten what I want at all... maybe I'm sick of all the rich kids fighting "consumerism", a practice they and their parents fully participate in. It takes a lot of time and effort and patience and failure to be an educated and aware person, and it seems like most people are not willing to look at themselves and admit when they are wrong... this includes me.
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I try to be more grassroots about my fight, in the sense that I talk with individual people about problems and why these things are problems. When you have some sort of actual dialogue, it's much easier to bring someone around to your own point of view. (I'm talking mostly about those who are indifferent, or ignorant to the issues.)

I let the idiots make their noise about capitalism and consumerism; few of them have an actual plan, with feasible alternatives. College is a good experience, in that it opens you up to people from all walks of life, but some people surround themselves with people who think only like they do. This is bad.

Recently, I have decided that I want to fight existentialism and alienation. Ask me how that's going in, say, five years =P