unrequited dissonance (derdriu) wrote in do_me_gollum,
unrequited dissonance

Lost community

Oh my poor community... I abandoned you as a mere sprout. I -am- sorry.

I'm back, though.

I'm interested to know a few things:
1.) Is anyone reading this?
2.) Are you interested in keeping this thing active?

Leave a comment. I'll cook up some new posts within the week.
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I'm interested in keeping it active. But I don't have so much time for posting stuff (what with the crazy school and crazy life), and it seems a tad uncertain what the goals of the community are.
I will definitely (like in my next post) get a clearer shot of the goals for the community out in the open.
Really, commenting is what I consider being an "active" memeber, even if you can't post all the time. Even if you post like Mike Meyers' character... "think potato, irish or idaho, talk amongst yourselves"... I'm happy.
*poke* comment *poke* *poke*
i just joined yipee