unrequited dissonance (derdriu) wrote in do_me_gollum,
unrequited dissonance

Without getting supremely dramatic. . .

I created this community awhile ago. . . and I suppose that, having left it for as long as it has been left, it has fallen into what can be misconstrued as a fan-club for the Gollum/Smeagol character.

A question: is the community info misleading?
Another question: am I just missing the intended sarcasm in the last few posts?

I created this community because I think obsessing over characters is silly and distracting from living. I think it is something pushed upon us so that we settle into where we are and do not fight because we are too busy day-dreaming about somewhere else. I made this community as a satire of the "do_me_whoever" communities, not as an expression of my hard-on for Gollum (which, if I may state, I don't have). Perhaps this was understated in the community info?
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I'm sorry to sound rude here, but what is your problem with fan clubs? No one here seems to be "obsessing" over Gollum to the extent that it affects their lives. No one has a raging "hard on" for Gollum, either. Only because some people have, for example, posted pictures of Gollum, it does not mean that they are obsessed with the character.

Of course, Gollum, like other Lord Of The Rings characters, are only fictional and I can understand why you believe that it is silly to be interested in them. But only because someone has joined a LiveJournal community and occasionally socialises with people who like the character it does not mean that their lives are turning upside down because of it.
You don't sound rude at all. Perhaps, it is more that my original points are lost?
I am just somewhat confused because I created this community as a farce, a satire, a joke. . . and it is being taken seriously. I created it, because it's the internet/first amendment fun, to make fun of, essentially, "fans" of any character. My original target was fan-fic-ers, etc. And they are here! Taking it all seriously which makes me doubt that they read the community info. It's really more amusing than frustrating. I'll actually probably just hand the community over to them, since I've let it die anyway. . . it's still. . . just odd.
I'm as equally confused.. but eh, let them have fun
I wish she did have a hard-on on for gollum.

That would be incredibly interesting and deviant.